They Call Me Mellow Yellow


Who says yellow is a summer colour? When it’s this cold and frosty you need to inject bright colours into you wardrobe. These yellow jeans were a bargain in Forever 21 at the end of the summer and after a few wears I now know why, they get bigger as you wear them and end up sagging off your bum. Not a good look! I’m going to need to add a few stitches see if I can solve the problem as I love the colour.

Jeans aside my other problem with this shoot was a certain little Seb. He was far too excited about being in a new place to take photos when we arrived. After a walk, were he met quite a few new furry friends, he was too tired to pose and the light was fading fast. I originally thought it was too dark to use these but my boy looks too cute in the photo below not to share with you.





Jeans – Forever 21
Knit – Primark
Heels – ASOS
Scarf – London Street Stall
Clutch – Collette (Australia)
Bangle – H&M

Mellow Yellow – Donovan

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