A Beauty Review – First Ever

So I’ve never done one of these so excuse me if in,eave out all the important stuff. I’m a girl who’s daily make up consists of mascara, sometimes not even that, and a beauty regime of washing my face with soap and occasionally applying moisturiser. When the lovely folks at Crabtree and Evelyn offers to send me some goodies I thought it was maybe time to improve said beauty regime.

So Around a month ago a lovely little package arrived with this gorgeous Pear and Pink Magnolia Body Soufflé. One thing that always bugs me about beauty reviews are those posted days or sometimes hours after a products release. How can you give a proper review when you’ve only just got it? I’ve made real effort to moisturise everyday with this one, that’s a big deal for me I’m lazy.

The first thing I noticed about this is how lovely it smells. I don’t know how you describe a smell but trust me it’s good, really fresh and summery. The next is the feel, it’s really thick. It’s described as a soufflé as it’s whipped and you can definitely feel that. This means you don’t need a lot of it which you can see from how much I have left. The only downside I’ve found is it takes a while to fully absorb into your skin, maybe because it’s so thick or maybe I’m just not used to moisturising everyday. I’ll definitely be continuing to use it as I’ve noticed a big difference to my skin. Even in this heat we’ve been having my legs haven’t dried out as they normally would.

So how did I do? Cover all the main points?


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