I Got it from my Mamma

I got a lot of things from my mother and dress sense is most definitely one if them. And although she’s now a Gran she’s still knows how to rock a good outfit, though her taste in shoes is going downhill (a strong sway towards the comfortable these days!) This shirt is a perfect example, I got it from her when was visiting during the week it couldn’t be more on trend if it tried with the sheer silk and tropical print.

I paired it with some loose fit jeans and suede pink heels to bring out the pink in the shirt. My new favourite accessory is pearls, I hope I’m not turning into an old lady? An Ebay Chanel copy and piled up earrings aren’t pensioner chic are they? 


Shirt – Monsoon

Jeans – Replay

Heels – Aldo

Necklace -Ebay 

Earrings – Primark

Bangle -Forever 21



I Got It From My Momma – Will-I-Am

9 thoughts on “I Got it from my Mamma

  1. Lovely outfit! That sort of loose fit, boyfriend jean is so in at the moment but i cant seem to find a pair that fits me right!
    I really like the blouse! I love sheer printed blouses. I am a big fan of wearing them with a plain black bra underneath at the moment (as long as it look somewhat tasteful :p)
    Lovely post

    Laura x

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