On the Cover of a Magazine

I’ve not posted one of these for a few months now but given my recent challenge to get bikini ready I could hardly ignore this months Vogue. The beautiful Kate Upton, now there’s a body to die for, in an even more beautiful D&G bikini. The price tag though is a little scary, £525 for the top and £625 for the bottoms.

This 50’s style is so flattering and perfect if you’re worried about flashing too much skin. The best news is there’s loads around this season to choose from. This one from Regar at Debenhams has a similar bold floral print and comes in at under £50. If that’s still a bit outa your price range check the ASOS one at the bottom for £36.



Vogue – Madonna

4 thoughts on “On the Cover of a Magazine

  1. ooooft, that price tag is scary! I actually didn’t even know that swimwear could even be that expensive (as beautiful as it is). I love the high street options that you’ve featured here! x

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