ChouChou Sample Sale!

Oh my I’m so excited with the news that ChouChou, one of my favourite Scottish designers, is having a 24hr online sample sale next week. You may remember I picked up a beauty of a dress from Rebecca Torres’ sample sale a few weeks ago so I’m eager to see what I can pick up this time.

I’ve gushed about ChouChou hoods enough already that I’m sure you all know already how fab they are. This sale promises up to a massive 50% off so we can all love them a little but more at bargain prices. Whether you fancy a bit if tartan, fur, floral or Italian lace there’s something for everyone so get your clicking fingers ready for Tuesday. Numbers are limited as they are all handmade in Glasgow, so don’t go stealing my fav, the Sarah Jungle, or I’ll come and find you. 

Hollyhood Sarah Jungle – £95

Hollyhood Alex Black Watch – 30% off now £63

Hollyhood Alex Butterfly – 30% now £73.50 

Hollyhood Lehua – 50% off now £40


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