It’s Ok?

So despite it being a long weekend I still didn’t seem to find anytime to paint my nails over the weekend. Funny how quickly time flies when your nursing a hangover and catching up on your tv shows. This means no wed-nails-day, I know sad face.

I started my new job yesterday and I’ll be on the train for a few weeks commuting till I sort out a car, cue me complaining on twitter. Anyway, you know I hate to have naked nails so I took the opportunity to paint them on the train.

This to me is perfectly acceptable, I travel out of the city so the train is relatively quiet. However, I’ve been informed this is a big no no. I should say the guy sat opposite me seemed perfectly ok with it and even the conductor didn’t bat an eyelid. So what do we think, ok or not?



It’s Ok – Cee Lo Green

13 thoughts on “It’s Ok?

  1. I’ve seen people painting their nails on a train before and the only issues I’ve had with it is the smell. To be honest, painting your nails while moving is a skill, so well done, haha!

  2. I think it’s totally ok (so long as you’re the one doing the painting and not the one being subjected to the smell). I once did mine on the plane and I can confirm that that was definitely not ok…

    thanks so much for your sweet comment on my Wedding Season post – I reckon if only Seb could take photos he’s happily hike on up there with you.x

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