She was a Day Tripper

Don’t you just love a long holiday weekend? In Glasgow this is our September weekend, which for me means Friday and Monday off work. If I could work Tuesday to Thursday every week I’d be a happy girl. So what to do with an extra day off work? Day trip of course and first thought is always the beach. I packed Seb up in the … Continue reading She was a Day Tripper

Chouchou 4th Birthday Celebrations

You may have heard me gushing about the divine Chouchou hoods before, I’m in love with them. A little bit of Italian style, in the form of Silvia Pellegrino, has turned the practical hood into a must have fashion accessory. Chouchou celebrated her fourth birthday last week with a lovely little birthday bash at Veldt and took the opportunity to showcase the new S/S14 collection. … Continue reading Chouchou 4th Birthday Celebrations