Ms Day is my new girl crush. I found this track online and instantly fell in love. It is released on limited edition 7” on 7th April or you can get it on soundcloud. Her voice is enchanting and the emotion in this track captures you. There is an air of melancholy in the chorus ‘can we go back to the love we had’ that really grabs you. It reminds me of the first time I heard Lana Del Ray’s ‘Video Games’.

A girl after my own heart she honed her skills playing a Bob Dylan songs on her guitar in her parents Arizona coffee shop. Ok, my parents didn’t have a coffee shop, but many teenage hours where spent trying to learn learning Dylan and Beatles songs.

Remarkably this song is actually a B aside to ‘Sweet Ophelia’ a more electro pop track. Sweet Ophelia is full of electro sounds and drum machines, something I’ve never been a massive fan of which is probably why I prefer the strumming guitar and flowing vocals of 1965. Both tracks are brilliant though as is her cover of The White Stripes’ ‘Seven a Nation Army‘ which is worth checking out.

3 thoughts on “1965

  1. This is why I LOVE the blogopshere! You never know that you stumble upon and get exposure to something new. I’ve never heard of her, but I’ll check out more on Spotify! I love this track.Thanks for sharing!
    p.s. I tried clicking the soundcloud link and get an error message, just a heads up!
    Talk soon!

  2. Cool track hun, thanks for sharing! So glad I clicked on your comment on SONG OF STYLE’s blog and got led back here to yours. It’s seriously full of GREAT info and juicy pics here! Just followed you on GFC and bloglovin’, be sure to see more of you soon. Check out my new outfit post during Paris Fashion Week, where I found this amazing 1996 red CHANEL vintage jacket for a bargain, and rocked some starry shades, white beanie, in a very provoking tomboy manner that Parisians might or might not get haha. #ProvokingParis

    xx The Provoker

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