Say something

I heard this song before Christmas after they performed at the American Music Awards, it instantly got me. I got lost in all the Christmas and Australia fun though and didn’t get a chance to share it with you all.

The band are a twosome from New York formed when the pair met while studying music at NYU. They had their big break after their debut single This is The New Year was covered on Glee. This track was originally released without much success until Christina Aguilera heard it on So You Think You can Dance. Queue a re-record featuring Ms Aguilera’s vocals and all of a sudden they are performing at the American Music Awards and number 1 on iTunes. Didn’t I say the only way to be discovered these days is to have your track featured in an advert or a TV show.

You could say Christina is stealing the show here, jumping in just when the song gets some attention but her vocals really add something to it. They are almost haunting and give depth to the emotion of the song. If I’m honest this track almost made me cry when I first heard it; it is so well composed and feels real, like the singer is really experiencing those emotions. Or maybe I’m a sucker for an indie ballad. What do you think?


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