Why Does it Always Rain on Me

This post is a bit later than I planned due to it raining all morning. I know I should be used to it living in Scotland and be more organised, but I’ve always been a bit last minute.

My lovely sister got me this dress for my birthday. She either knows me far too well or had been poking about on my Pinterest because I’ve been wanting a leather/faux leather dress for an age. I thought I’d brighten it up on this dull February morning with this chunky yellow bracelet, I only wish I had a matching statement necklace. I kinda needed a hat to keep my hair in check in the wind so gave the beanie look a try, I’m not sure I can pull it off though.

Seb was attracted over by the timer beeps and then a little miffed he hadn’t been invited to join in. I tell you this boy just pretends he hates photos, he’s all about the limelight.






Dress – ASOS
Boots – Topshop
Beanie – Ignite
Necklace – River Island
Bracelet – Forever 21

Why Does it Always Rain on Me – Travis

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