I discovered this this morning and had to share it with you. From a band who currently remain anonymous, this song just beautiful. I’ve spent a little bit of time online today trying to find out who this band are and have come up with precisely nothing.

They somehow managed to catch the attention of Tyler, The Creator,  well known rapper and record producer. He was apparently so moved by the song he decided to write and produce a video. The video is just as beautiful as the song focusing on a couple who meet and fall in love in childhood and remain happily together despite the chaos that ensues in the world around them.

The track’s soft melody and smooth harmonies have a definite 60’s/70’s vibe to them and remind me of late Beatles or Gillbert and Sullivan. The lyrics are just lovely and the video captures their sentiment perfectly; two people happy together regardless of what’s going on around them. It has that ‘All You Need is Love’ kinda feel to it.

Perfect easy listening to put a smile on your face on a cold Monday.

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