7 Days

This week has been filled with photo taking, I’ve been trying to keep up with the AugustBreak photo a day project. So far I have posted everyday though some are lacking in inspiration, ill try and make them better this week.

On Friday night I had a little catch up with the family. It’s so nice to get together for no particular reason and just chat; even if it does always descend into bickering with my siblings, that’s what they’re for right? I think Ringo, my brothers gorgeous boxer, had missed us as he was such a little sook lying at our feet. Needless to say Seb spent a good 15mins sniffing and eyeing me suspiciously when I got home. Don’t worry you’re still my baby boy (obviously he reads the blog).

Yesterday was a pretty productive day, Jillian Michaels completed and then a little bit of crafting. I made some beautiful flowers from my Crafty Creatives box which ill share with you this week. Today is for lying on the sofa and i may even tray myself to a bubble bath, hope your having a good Sunday.

7 Days – Craig David

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