Those Christmas lights, Light up the Street


Christmas shopping is officially finished. Yip I fought for a parking space, braved the crazy crowds and picked up not only the rest of my presents but my mans as well. I know good girlfriend points galore for me. I have to say I now feel majorly festive. Despite people shoving and long queues in sweltering stores, all the twinkly lights just have that effect on me.  Continue reading “Those Christmas lights, Light up the Street”

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

That’s me finally sorted. All the presents wrapped, last minute essentials purchased and food already to go in the oven. Even Seb’s ready with his new antlers. I’m feeling particularly excited this year as I’m hosting Christmas dinner. I’m looking forward to having a full table of family and friends, let’s just hope I don’t ruin the food. Hope you all have a lovely christmas! … Continue reading Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Sunshine She’s here, You Can Take Break

I hope I’m not making you all sick with my tweets and instagrams of me enjoying the sunshine out here in Brisbane. I’m having a wonderful time spending time with my family and catching some sun, I’m out exploring the city by myself mostly though so it’s nice to share it with you all. It’s also pretty awesome not having to worry about getting enough … Continue reading Sunshine She’s here, You Can Take Break

7 Days

This week has been filled with photo taking, I’ve been trying to keep up with the AugustBreak photo a day project. So far I have posted everyday though some are lacking in inspiration, ill try and make them better this week. On Friday night I had a little catch up with the family. It’s so nice to get together for no particular reason and just … Continue reading 7 Days