Walking The Dog

Happy Sunday everyone! I missed pretty much all of Saturday as I was suffering from a killer headache. I used to get these headaches every few weeks and nothing would shift them. Now though the slightest amount of alcohol seems to brings them on, not good. Obviously on Friday night there was more than a slight amount of alcohol taken though. I’ll fill you in tomorrow.

Today I’m off to see my mum and take the dogs a monster walk. Poor Seb was neglected a bit yesterday as I was suffering and the man was doing some stuff round the house. Today he’ll be one happy little doggy though, my mum has a crazy poodle and Seb loves chasing her around.

Let’s hope it stay dry and the crazy dogs don’t ruin by new favourite shoes. I’ve got them on again, though I know suede and dogs doesn’t really mix.






Top – New Look
Trousers – Forever 21
Trainers – Ebay
Bracelet – Topshop
Ring – Forever 21
Watch – Armani

Walking the dog – Rolling Stones

Ps. Just back and much fun was had and the rain stayed off! Thought I’d share these little photos with you.


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