You Jump, I Jump

On Friday night we went for what was Roz’s first gig at King Tuts. King Tuts Wah Wah Hut to give it it’s full title, is a renowned music venue in Glasgow. It is a tiny basement club but has hosted some of the biggest names in music. I’ve never had a bad night in there or seen a band that aren’t pretty decent. We missed the first act, too busy stuffing our faces with burgers and downing shots.


We made it in time for All She Knows, the second warm up act. I was pleasantly surprised with these guys. They hail from Glasgow and play a wide selection of instruments. They have a keytar player, very 80’s, but the guy was good. Their songs were a mix of synth beats and rock guitars, with catchy pop choruses.

The Detours, Friday evenings head-liners are a full on rock band. These guys go all out in their performance and you can’t help but get involved. They mix energetic guitars with anthemic choruses, and even get a little sing along going to ‘Free’. This track was my favourite, really catches you with the heavy drums and guitar then builds into a great pop/rock track.

4 thoughts on “You Jump, I Jump

  1. Tiny basement clubs are the best for live music – our (now sadly gone) one felt like you wre watching from your living room & when it got packed, it rained sweat from the ceiling! Haha! Still though, I’d never had a bad night there! I love The Detours & those stairs are awesome! 😀

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