On The Cover of a Magazine

You may have heard me moaning about being on the train due to having no car for the last few weeks. There are a few good points to being stuck on public transport though. I’ve been working my way through all the albums I download but never get round to listening to in full. I’ve had the chance to look at Scotland’s beautiful landscape rather than just the rear of the car in front of me. And I have also got to sample the delights of the free magazine, Stylist. I’ve never picked this up before as I’m never normally commuting through the city centre.

This week featured the Fashion Power list of 2013. In amongst all of Britain’s fabulous designers and striking models and stylists, were the must have’s for 2013. My favourites were the Kenzo tiger jumper, Valentino studded clutch, Isabel Marant wedge trainers and Balenciaga’s gold tube rings.


These all not surprisingly carry a hefty price tag. As the article states there are a multitude of copies inspired pieces available on the high street. Here’s a few a found for you.


Tiger Jumper
Black – £24 Boohoo.com – with a little bit of sequins to add some glitz
Blue – £32 Topman – keeping it simple

Wedge Trainers
Pink Accent – £27 Debehams – loads of colour combinations available
Grey – £23 ASOS – if you like to keep things plain

Studded Clutch
Studded edge – £63 YOOX.com – this one is real leather so worth paying that little bit extra
Studded bottom – £5 Bank – not real leather but at that price who can complain

Gold Rings
There are none as amazing as the set available from Balenciaga. You can find similar styles from so many stores, by wearing them together you create the same look.
Large Cut – £15 Whistles
Caged Ring – £2.50 Forever 21
Fine Rings – £8 ASOS

Vogue – Madonna

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