Under the top and bottom buttons

This week I have been so busy. I finished my last volunteer shift for childline, I simply don’t have the time with work now to commit to it. I was and still am very sad to have to leave, but its time to move on. I’ve taken on a new role at work too which I have been working on this week. Although it is very time consuming and stressful, I’m really enjoying it.

This nice thing this week is that we’ve had little snaps of sunshine, finally. So legs are out again! Lightweight jumpers are your best friend for this time of year. When it’s mild but not quite warm yet, they are perfect for keeping the the chill away.

This skirt I’ve had for years, I love the button detail down the back. The jumper has cute little buttons up the sleeves too so it’s button overload.






Skirt – Joy
Jumper – Firetrap
Heels – Jessica Simpson

The Dark of the Matinee – Franz Ferdinand

9 thoughts on “Under the top and bottom buttons

    1. She has a shoes range in America. I loved them and bought three pairs, only when they brought the boxes I realised were her’s, I don’t really like her

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