Purple Rain

Time for new nails! This week I fancied a colour blend or ombré as the trend now seems to be. I’ve done this before with green and blue but fancied something more subtle this time. I couldn’t help but add a spot of glitter though.

I started with a generous coat of my French manicure base colour. It’s subtle but gives a lovely sheen.

Then for the blend. There are few different tutorials floating around about how to do this. I find using a sponge is simplest and best. My sponges are just plain old washing up ones which I cut into little strips. You paint a strip of your bottom colour first.

Then a strip of your top colour. It’s best to put the lighter colour on the bottom. Be careful to make sure you paint them in the right order to make it easy to press on your nail.

You then simply pat it on your nail. If you move the sponge up and down the nail a bit you get a nice blend.

You’ll find you get some bubbles on the nail from the sponge. I use a small nail art brush to pop these and smooth out the polish.

You can then finish off with a top coat. I decided to add some glitter. I did this by adding a thick line at the tip of my nail.

I then used another of nail art brushes to spread the glitter down the nail.

Top coat and done. I really liked these when i finished but a few people now have asked if they are acrylics, I think it’s because of the French manicure base. What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Purple Rain

  1. This is gorgeous – I’m absolutely hopeless at doing my nails so I’m always jealous of people with these kinds of designs but you’ve made it sound simple so I may try giving it a go, though I’m sure it will not come out anywhere near as lovely!

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