The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow?

As much as I love the snow, I am desperate for a bit of spring sunshine now. It has been a pretty cold March, but I have been trying to bring a little spring cheer with bright clothing. I like to wear bright colours anyway, I think you can blend into the background in black. I also wear a lot of black for work, office wear, so like to be colourful at weekends.

I featured one of these H&M mini skirts before. I bought this green one as its my favourite colour. I didn’t think I’d wear it much as it is bright but in fact I’ve hardly had it off.

I think the button details on this jumper are brilliant. Make that bit different from every other jumper I have.


The Uggs have almost been attached to my feet lately with the freezing weather!

Sunshine yellow, you can’t get anymore hopeful of spring than this, especially when i was wearing it on my snow day from work! I paired the top with my wide leg jeans. I don’t wear these often and I don’t know why not. They are so comfy and flattering as well, must step away from the shinnies every now and then.


What else could I team flared jeans with but platforms!


Last up my outfit from last weekend. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a jumper or jumper dress, I’ve always worn it as a dress.

Putting on some bright tights with it really brings it to life and helps you forget it’s so cold you need a leather jacket.

I teamed this with these ankle boots you’ve seen before. You can really see the cut out detail in this photo
br />
So while I’ve been dreaming of spring we’ve actually had freezing temps, gale force winds and snow! Seb loves it though


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