Free as a Bird

I’m embarrassed to admit I have no wed-nails-day post for today. I could dig an old nails photo out but doing that two weeks in a row is just cheating right?

I normally do my nails at some point over the weekend. This weekend though I was away boarding, on Saturday, as you may have seen. On Sunday I was being all domesticated tidying, shopping (for food mostly) and cooking.

I thought I would share a little DIY with you today instead. I had this top on on Sunday and its really simple to make.



I got this beautiful fabric on eBay and had it for months before I made something from it. It has lovely little birds printed in it.



I’d seen a lot of these tops online and they call them circle tops. I’m not sure if that’s an American term but it described the top pretty well. You start by taking a length of fabric and folding it into a rectangle, mine was around 60inches by 28inches. Like this


I then folded the fabric in half lengthways and cut a curved edge along the bottom left hand corner and a small semi circle at the top right hand corner, like this

When you unfold it you have this. I cut the edge quite narrow as it was the first one I made, you can make the curve much bigger though if you want.




You then sew two lines to create your arms holes, marked with a black line below. I did this by placing a t shirt that fits well in the centre and measuring how high to sew. This also creates how tight fitting the top is so bear that in mind. You also sew on the outside which is a bit strange.




And this is the finished top, very simple to make. You can also hem the edges if you want, the jersey fabric I used curled a little at the edge so I was happy to leave it raw.




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