New Music Monday

I’m planning on doing a post each Monday on what I’m currently listening to. I’ve called it new music; but it might not always be brand new out the box, maybe just new to me and my iPhone. It might not even be every Monday, we’ll see how busy I am.
Just now I am in love with a newish band Haim, everyone seems to be buzzing about them! They’re three sisters from California and I can’t get they song ‘Forever’ out of my head. As much as I love a good catchy pop song, I love it more when girls get a bit rocky! Gotta love a group of pretty girls that don’t feel the need to get half naked in their video.

Their songs are mix of your classic 70’s rock, think Fleetwood Mac, with some modern r’n’b thrown in, think destiny’s child and TLC. I think it gives ‘Forever’ a bit if an 80’s vibe, in a good way though!
I’d heard this song on a few radio shows so downloaded their EP. It’s got 3 songs and a remix of ‘Forever’ and it’s well worth the £1.99.
Let me know what you think.

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