May This Be Love

So I’m kinda in love with Jimi Hendrix. This started in High School when I learned to play guitar. As much as I love the likes of Lennon and Dylan for their songwriting, Hendrix surpasses everyone with his guitar skills. However, he doesn’t often turn up on clothing; unlike some bands, the doors for example. As an aside whenever I see a smartass teenager with Jim Morrison on their shirt I want to go ask them if they can tell me one of his songs, anyone else? Just me?
Anyway, when I found this on eBay I just had to have it! Nevermind the fact it was a small and I have never in my life been small!


Normally I wear it with a red vest underneath. I managed to find one the exact same shade so it looks like it is just a double layer top. I fancied doing something different but in no way did I want to flash my entire stomach to the world. Then I remembered these high waisted shorts I got from Monsoon a few years ago.

I like the clash of the semi smart shorts and band t shirt. The flash of my waist is subtle enough for me to cope with and the purple flats add a little bit of colour clash to finish it off.

T-Shirt – eBay, Shorts – Monsoon, Flats – Primark

P.S.i actually wore this last Saturday not today. today I’m just lounging around in my onsie looking after my sick boy


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