Wed-nails-day! Somewhere over the rainbow

I always like to have my nails painted, I think your nails look naked without some nail polish. When I was a student I used to paint all sorts of colours and designs. I would get so frustrated at how quickly they chipped though and gave up when I started working and found I had less free time.
In the last year I have discovered the wonders of gel nail polish or shellac. I’m sure you are all aware of what this is but incase your not it is nail polish cured under a UV light and last up to three weeks! It’s pretty costly, around £20 at a nail salon. I have purchased a lamp and other necessities via eBay and am slowly building up my colour scale.
My nails just now are really short and rubbish so I was just going to French manicure them. I couldn’t bear to be so boring so added some colours, what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Wed-nails-day! Somewhere over the rainbow

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