Bootylicious Update

I somehow managed to complete the 30 day Ab and Squat Challenge’s concurrently. I’m pretty impressed I managed it actually. The Squats were ok I found them more boring than anything else as the days went on. In the end I mixed up a few different types of squat to keep it interesting. The Abs were horrific, I never want to do another sit up … Continue reading Bootylicious Update

My Body’s too Bootylicious for you Baby

Summer is fast approaching and I am nowhere near beach ready. For weeks I’ve been trying to get the motivation together to eat healthily and exercise but it’s just not happening. I came across a squat challenge on Pinterest and was thinking of giving it a go during June. Then yesterday a friend of mine signed up to an ab challenge on facebook. From there … Continue reading My Body’s too Bootylicious for you Baby

Question, tell me what you think about me?

Last night I was off out to an annual work quiz night. It sounds a bit sad but it is always a brilliant night. My team won a few years ago and ever since we’ve been 2nd or 3rd. Last night was particularly gutting as we lost by 1point!! I’m feeling pretty rubbish just now, think I’ve caught one of the bugs that floating around. … Continue reading Question, tell me what you think about me?