Bootylicious Update

I somehow managed to complete the 30 day Ab and Squat Challenge’s concurrently. I’m pretty impressed I managed it actually.

The Squats were ok I found them more boring than anything else as the days went on. In the end I mixed up a few different types of squat to keep it interesting.

The Abs were horrific, I never want to do another sit up in my life. The plank too, which I’ve always found ok, also became hellish. Once I got over the 90 second mark my whole body started to shake lol!

I didn’t share a before pic but thought I would now. I may not have a Beyoncé butt or Rihanna abs but there’s a definite improvement and I’m chuffed I finished it.



6 thoughts on “Bootylicious Update

  1. If I’m at all honest, you looked pretty fantastic before, but I can definitely see more definition and that must feel SO amazing when you look in the mirror. You’re bikini ready, My Dear! Have a great weekend 🙂

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