It’s All White

After my last all black ensemble today let’s give a little shout out to it’s opposite, white. White gets a hard time for being far less flattering than it’s darker counterpart and that old rule – it shouldn’t be worn after Labour Day, what even is Labour Day anyway.
Personally I’ve always loved a bit of white. Whether it be a full white out or just a simple white tee with jeans. I don’t wear it as much as I used to due to a certain daft Labrador who thinks he’s a lap dog. Trust me white and dogs don’t mix well. This skirt has been my saviour the last few months though. It’s the length that holds the magic as it’s been able to steadily gravitate up my body as I become rounder. Whereas it once sat around my waist it now sits somewhere around my ribcage and still manages to reach my knees.

My second saviour has been all things cropped. This jumper sits pretty much on top of my tum. That’s a good thing because regular jumpers have the wonderful effect of disguising the bump and making me look like I have a massively unproportioned middle; not a look I’m going for.

Who needs expensive maternity clothes when you’ve got bad boys like these in your wardrobe. Oh and these shots where taken by my wonderful mother, who knew she had some secret photography skills?





Jumper – H&M

Skirt – Next

Bag – Next

Trainers – Next

Sunglasses – Chanel

Camera Phone Case – Ebay

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