If there was one trend from the 90’s I did not expect to have a comeback it was the bodysuit. I remember the first one I had. White with blue flowers from Tammy Girl, the first thing my mum ever allowed me to have from the shop. I was so flat chested I had to wear it backwards so as not to look ridiculous. I loved it, even though I spent the entire day pulling it out of my ass.

Twenty years on and I still love them. As an adult who struggles to keep anything tucked in bodysuits are definitely the answer. What remains lacking in the boob department is helped out by padded bras and they now geniusly come with thong backs. What’s not to love.

I picked this new stripey one up for only £7 in the Zara sale so again, what’s not to love?





Bodysuit – Zara

Culottes – ASOS

Heels – Primark

Handbag – River Island

16 thoughts on “90’s

  1. I always prefer the string/thong back, had a look at the Zara ones but didn’t notice they were thong bodies, I’m rather disappointed by my lack of attention. They were great value, although in my defence I do feel that Zara need to work on the ergonomics of their stores, love the stuff but just don’t like being in the shops.

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