A Very Big House in the Country


This isn’t the country though, this the middle of the city. 

One thing I love about Glasgow is all the beautiful green spaces dotted around the city. This one is particularly special to me as I spent my childhood running around this park, chasing my siblings around this little maze. Yesterday it was an excited pup I was chasing around though. 

We knocked it out the park with a beautiful spring day. Even under construction Pollok Country House was a perfect backdrop, extra props to my sister who spotted the flowers perfectly complimented my outfit. Heels perhaps were not the most practical for the surroundings but these lime beauties have hardly been off my feet. An absolute bargain in Primark and who can resist such a bright colour for Spring. 









Dress (worn as a skirt) – ASOS

Jumper – Primark

Heels – Primark

Crossbody bag – Accessorize 


Country House – Blur

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