Put a Ring on it


I was criticised for my purple nails, they clashed with my engagement ring apparently. Not that I’m one to bother about clashing colours or patterns but I thought I’d go for something simple to show off my ring. 

What took the longest in creating these was the nude itself. I required four coats to get a decent level of coverage. The dotted design is just that little more interesting than the classic French. It has the double effect of elongating my short nails due to the decreasing sizes. 

Promise I’ll stop showing off my ring in every post soon! 




Single Ladies – Beyoncé 

7 thoughts on “Put a Ring on it

  1. I thought that lilac clashed really nicely. The whole colour blocking thing has booted the colour coordination rulebook out the window anyway. That said, I do like this one, and I know how much of a pain paler colours are to apply, I have noticed subtle metallic or pearl finish seems to give improved coverage.

  2. oh goodness, i didn’t even notice! you paint your nails whatever color you like! both sets looked great, and your ring will also always look great no matter what! 🙂

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