Wild Boys


I think it’s pretty clear from the photo above who the wild boy is? But to be fair we both had a ball running wild yesterday. All very fitting for the first outing of this Zoe Karssen Wild Boys tee, one of the bargains I picked up in The Outnet Clearance. And well what are Saturday’s afternoon for, if not having a little fun. 

So today is Mother’s Day here in the UK. I hope you are all either being spoiled or doing the spoiling. With my lovely mum away on a little weekend break and the man Seb forgetting about his ‘mummy’ I’m doing neither. I’m sure I’ll find someway to relax on a Sunday regardless mind you.








Tee – Zoe Karssen via The Outnet SOLD OUT

Jeans – Gap

Shirt – Armani

Trainers – Nike

Beanie –



Wild Boys – Duran Duran

16 thoughts on “Wild Boys

  1. I am so obsessed with your dog, the amount of times I go gooey over one of your tweets is ridiculous! You also look great btw haha – LOVE the trainers!

    Claire from Stylingo xx

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