Fairytale of New York

Two posts in one day! Shock horror, these ones are kinda time depend though so can’t wait till next week. My last top three, the bittersweet ones, including my absolute favourite Christmas songs, I’m a soppy soul.

I know your supposed to save the best for last but I can’t resist. My all time favourite Christmas song, in fact I’d listen to it all year round. ‘I built my dreams around you’ gets me everytime. Need I say more.

2000 miles from The Pretenders is a good 30 years old now but like any classic it is ageless. You may think this story of distant lovers is sad enough but it’s actually supposed to be for the band’s guitarist who died the year prior to release. There’s something touching about remembering him at Christmastime maybe there is a fuzzy ending for this one.

Last up is Coldplay the newest track I’ve featured I think. I know Chris Martin has a rep for being a bit of a bore but the boy does know how to write an emotion filled song. I remember hearing this for the first time in the Radio 1 Live Lounge. I was driving back to the office and it made me feel truely festive. Does he get the girl back though? The soppy me likes to think yes, what do you think?

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