If I knew You Were Coming I’d have Baked a Cake


I’ve been wanting to learn how to cook and bake for a while now. I’m always so jealous when see awesome kitchen creations on Pinterest or instagram. So when I was invited along to Curry’s blogger bake off, I was equally excited and nervous. Thankfully I wasn’t the only clueless baker and my little team, Laura, Laura and Gillian, worked together pretty well to create some yummy cakes.

The Cookery School in Glasgow was a brilliant venue and the chef managed to make everything simple, just as well. We baked scones, Victoria sponge, muffins and cupcakes; I know we were busy. We had a little help from the awesome Kenwood mixer, bit of a change from the hand mixing I had to do as a kid. Obviously I still had to ‘taste’ the leftover cake mixture, do kids still do this what with the raw egg?

I was pretty chuffed with our creations, particularly my cupcakes, I may have ‘tasted’ the icing also. They were almost to good to eat but me and Seb made short work of them. I’ve got my own little Kenwood hand mixer and recipes now so no excuses, domestic goddess here I come.







If I Knew You Were Coming I would have Baked a Cake – Eileen Barton

11 thoughts on “If I knew You Were Coming I’d have Baked a Cake

  1. Looks like fun (esp the icing ‘tasting’)! Wish I could have made it along… if they’re ever going to teach us how to make macarons, I am there!


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