I Clicked My Heels Together Three Times


I was going to go for a chic all black outfit in the style of one of my favourite bloggers Faiiint. I just couldn’t resist a flash of colour though, and what better way than with bright red heels, Dorothy would be proud.

I’m am absolutely in love with these trousers. I’ve been lusting after some leather ones forever, there’s been a pair saved on ASOS since last October. These waxed jeans are the perfect alternative, with a bit of stretch I bet they’re far comfier too. Oh and the best bit, only £26.99! Bargain.

Hope your all having a lovely Sunday, I’m not sure me and Seb will move off the sofa.





Blouse – Vero Moda
Jeans – Quiz Clothing
Heels – Primark
Purse – Turkish Market

I Am, I Feel – Alisha’s Attic

9 thoughts on “I Clicked My Heels Together Three Times

  1. I’m on the catch up, your pics have been amazing, both you and Glasgow look stunning.
    When I was 17 to 28 I lived in leather trousers, you have no idea how much I want a pair but my 50 year old jowls say “no”

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