Don’t Wait

This weekend was positively summery, I was even out without a jacket on Friday night and sunday afternoon. So this little snippet of sunshine has drawn me to summery little tunes and I came across Mapei. Born in Rhode Island she split her youth between summers at home and school  Stockholm. There coolness of Stockholm definitely shines through in her tracks.

She was orginally a rapper releasing rap album, The Cocoa Butter Diaries. I much prefer this track though and hope its a hint to what her new album, out this summer, has in store.

I’m late to the party with this, it was relaeased in October 2013. I think it fits May much better than it does October though, Mapei obviously felt the same as the video has only been released in the last few weeks. It’s a funky love song with soppy verses and a catchy chorus. If you’re not clicking your fingers within the first ten seconds there’s something wrong with you.

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