Feels Like Coming Home

I came across Jetta while killing time browsing music blogs in the airport. I instantly loved her, smooth voice, brilliant lyrics and versatility. There’s hints of Adele, The XX and Solange but she’s very much got her sound.

Originally from Liverpool not surprisingly she now lives in London. She comes from a musical background, her mother director of Liverpool’s Sense of Sound Choir and father a sound musician. Jetta herself was a former backing singer to Paloma Faith and Cee Lo Green, this girl has far too much talent to stay in the background though.

Her debut Start A Riot caused quite a stir on music blogs last year, still feels weird that we’re in a new year. This is her latest release. She describes her music as ‘lyrically I have something that people can relate to’ and that is definitely case here. There’s a heartwarming feel that will be recognisable to everyone whether you have come home literally or metaphorically.

Oh and did I mention she’s absolutely gorgeous? I’m jealous not only of her musical talent but style too, check out the eye make up, nails and accessories in the video.

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