Lorde is a 16 year old from New Zealand. She was discovered at only 12 singing in a talent show and signed to universal at the age of 14. She already had massive success in her native New Zealand and a this track went to number 3 in the US too 100.

I first heard Tennis Court earlier this year on Greg James Radio 1 show. Since then I downloaded her debute EP, The Love Club EP, and love it I do. It’s electro pop filled with brilliant lyrics, which she writes herself. There’s very much a Lana Del Ray sound, but with a funky twist. A few songs taking on a more hip hop sound, like Glory and Gore.

This song is my absolute favourite. The catchy tune pulls you in and the lyrics are clever. Romanticising the idea of living the high life while really just celebrating living life regardless of money.

4 thoughts on “Royals

  1. I only discovered Lorde yesterday, I have to admit she’s totally genius! Tennis Court is probably my favourite 🙂 great post!

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