Summer has Come and Passed

I think it’s safe to say that summer is now over, say goodbye to BBQ’s and long walks in the sun, say hello to rain and wind and snow. The bright side? New wardrobe needed.

The trends for autumn/winter are quite contrasting with masculine fabrics and punk styles opposite pastel colours and feminine pieces. Whereas monochrome was my favourite from last season this time round it’s gotta be tartan.

Shirt – Mango, Kilt – ASOS, Dress – ASOS, Mini – Mango, Trousers – Vivienne Westwood

I’ll definitely be rocking some punky tartan with biker boots and my trusty leather jacket. I am also strangely drawn to some of the more delicate looks too, especially the contrasting masculine shapes and fabrics on feminine pieces. I think I may have to get a pastel coat too.

Green Dress – Jaeger, Pink Coat – Zara, Houndstooth Dress – Mango, Skirt – ASOS, Trousers – Zara, Grey Dress – Mango, Grey Coat – Mango

Oh and I’m looking forward to buying a beanie is every colour, shape and pattern.

Wake Me Up, When September Ends – Greenday

3 thoughts on “Summer has Come and Passed

  1. Yay, I’ve got a lot of love for tartan too – which is odd, because I was so against it to begin with! Love the pieces you’ve chosen xx

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