Indie Rock and Roll to Me

I’ve been a bit absent this week, had so much work on I’ve had neither the time or motivation for blog posts. I’m sure you all understand, wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t need to work!

Anyway I’m off to T in the Park tomorrow and I cannot wait. It’s been around three years since I was at a festival and that is just waaay too long.

It’s always an amazing weekend come rain or shine, though these year it’s appears it’ll be more this

Than this

So I thought if share with you my ten must haves for surviving a festival:

1. Hankies unlikely there will toilet roll available in the porta loos so this is essential whether your camping or not. Also comes in handy when your mate spills a drink or you, someone throws a bottle of ‘beer’ in the crowd or someone is sick.

2. Baby wipes, handy in all of the above situations but also if your camping a must have unless you want to queue for hours for a cold outdoor shower.

3. Suncream, you’re going to be outside all day/weekend, even if it’s cloudy you can get burnt. Trust me it’s no fun sleeping in a tent with sunburn.

4. Sweeties, I’m addicted, sugar is my drug. It is handy to have something to nibble on when you waiting at the front for four hours to see your favourite band.

5. Wellies, if your camping no matter how sunny it is take these. You have no idea how quickly a field with thousands of people stomping on it can turn to mud when the rain starts.

6. A cross body bag, there’s things you need that just don’t fit in your pocket, purse, phone, hankies… A cross body leaves both hands free to carry drinks and clap in the air and your bags not going anywhere when your jumping around like a maniac.

7. Sunglasses, even if it’s not sunny these hide a multitude of sins and everyone knows makes you look that bit cooler.

8. Cash, take a decent amount of cash your not going to be able to use your card and if there is a cash line it will be a hike and may even charge you. Food and drink is expensive. There are lots of other things to buy too, clothing and accessories, henna tattoos, fair ground rides. Don’t miss out cause your low on funds or have to limit your drinks.

9. Hand sanitiser, one of my friends took this to V festival and we were all cursing ourselves for not thinking about it. It gets really grubby and disgusting even when it’s sunny, it’s nice to know you can keep your hands, or feet or face clean.

10. Camera, don’t rely on your phone the battery will die. I have always taken hundreds of photos, not just of bands but if all the fun I’ve had with my mates.

And my top tips:

1. Turn the data off on your phone. Data kills your battery and you’ll want it to last as long as possible. You can always turn it on to send that tweet or Instagram, but remember to turn it back off again.

2. Don’t drink too much, you do have all day/weekend, you don’t want to be wrecked and unable to remember the headliners. Also all that liquid has to come out again and remember how bad the toilets are, as few visits as necessary I think.

3. Check the stage breakdown or get a timetable if your camping. It’s rubbish to miss your favourite band because you were watching something mediocre or queuing for drinks.

I cannot wait till tomorrow now!

Indie Rock and Roll – The Killers

5 thoughts on “Indie Rock and Roll to Me

  1. Your post is named after one of my favourite Killers songs 🙂

    Have fun tomorrow, wish I could be there with you xx

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