Can’t Play Dead

I’m so excited for T in the Park next weekend. I somehow have never been and even this year only going on the Sunday so not getting the full experience. I thought I share a band which are part of the line up this year.

The Heavy are a group of friends from Bath. Lead singer Kelvin Swaby and Dan Taylor, lead guitar, met while working in Gap and bonded over a love of classic R’n’B. The other members joined later when the band moved from a bedroom hobby to proper band.

The sound can only be described as massive and one which the band name fits perfectly. The songs feature heavy drums and layers of guitars, trumpets and soulful backing singers. Not surprisingly a sound that can’t be recreated live by a four piece without some help. Their tracks encompass a bit of everything rock guitars and rifts, soulful lyrics and choruses.

These guys are my new favourite thing and their newest album The Glorious Dead is the perfect soundtrack for getting ready for a night out, in fact all their albums are. This is going to fill the gap between the release of a new Black Keys album as I have now played El Camino to death.

You’ll have heard How Do You Like Me now, featured in adverts and a couple of big movies (Ted and The Fighter). You may have heard What Makes a Good Man as it’s been in a few adverts too, I’m telling you TV is the place to find new music. This track is my current favourite. It hits you like a punch at the start and continues till it hits the chorus. This will be amazing to see live at a festival.

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