With these Two Hands

What a glorious day we’re having. My post is late today because I’ve been out enjoying it. I’m now off to meet a few blogger friends for a little girly night, writing this from the train. I foresee pizza and wine. I think I’m painting everyones nails too though, so may need to hold off on the wine, to start with at least.

I’ve been very creative recently and made not only this skirt, which I did I little tutorial on yesterday, but this top too. The top was a little bit of a nightmare but I got there in the end. Did I tell you I hate using patterns?!






With these two hands – Bon Jovi

10 thoughts on “With these Two Hands

  1. You look so happy and fab in pink! I was up north all day scoping out my chum’s wedding venue, it was utterly glorious weather – I even rolled up my sleeves – yeah.

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