We Are Your Friends

My nails are naked this week, I hate it, it does not look right. I have a good reason though. I normally paint my nails on a Sunday afternoon. Last Sunday I was off to my good friend Roz’s to meet up with a few other bloggers, Sarah, WestEnd Girl, Bex and Wendy.

It was a gorgeous day and I got to show off the new outfit I made. The maxi skirt and sleeveless shirt were perfect for the sunshine. Everyone complimented my shirt to which I bashfully thanked them. I’m not good with compliments, how do you receive them without sounding conceited?

Nibbles, drinks and lots of chat were had. Roz made the most delicious chocolate cookies, just as well it wasn’t 500 calorie day. I took my lamp and nail polishes and gladly became nail technician for the evening. Thankfully no one want anything too detailed or intricate given I’d had a few ciders by that point, well it was sunny!

Everyone wanted a sparkly ring finger, doesn’t every girl? With Sarah going for a deep purple, Bex my favourite shimmery green and WestEnd Girl mixing it up with purple and grey. I love how Bex’s match her ring almost perfectly.




Enjoy your Wednesday people, half way though the week and the sun is shining, can’t complain about that.

We Are Your Friends – Justice -v- Simian

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