Diane Young

Here’s a quick little new music Monday since I’ve been crazy busy at work today. Been a pretty rubbish day in fact.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Vampire Weekend. I’ve never been a big fan, I don’t have any of their albums, although i do tend to like their singles. This is the first single from the forthcoming third album Modern Vampires of the City out in May.

It’s brilliant, perfect for making you smile and dance around after a rubbish Monday. I love the play on words in the title, Diane Young, the prominent drum beat, makes me play air drums, the break in tempo in the middle, the clever lyrics, ‘luck of a Kennedy’ is my favourite line. I love everything about this track.

Go on a dare you to listen to it with out jumping around dancing.

I love hearing from you, let me know what you think

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