Bow Down/ I’ve Been On

So Queen Bey has released a new track to the world. To say its had mixed reviews is an understatement!

The track is a mix of two songs, Bow Down and I’ve Been On. The first reportedly produced by Hit-Boy the second Timbaland. Those of you in the UK will recognise the second part of the track from the ad’s for Beyonce’s tour.

So do I like it? It’s not your classic Beyonce track. You could say it was arrogant, the chorus is ‘Bow down bitches’ and has lines like ‘ you dreamt of being in my life’. But to be fair, it’s Beyonce! She’s amazing, top of her game and continually knocking them out of the park, so maybe she’s got just cause to be arrogant. Maybe the semi swear word is unwarranted, but then Beyonce fans aren’t 12 anymore. They’ve grown up with her and I think can handle a swear word, that’s if we’re counting bitches as one?

I think the track is a grower. I foresee all the people who are hating it just now, jumping to their feet to dance in a few weeks/months time. People expect artists to stick to what they like when they break out the box a little they don’t like it. I recall people having a similar view when Beyonce release Who Runs the World (Girls). For just now I’m saying its alright and reserve further judgement till I’ve had a few more listens.

I love hearing from you, let me know what you think

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