Those Christmas lights, Light up the Street


Christmas shopping is officially finished. Yip I fought for a parking space, braved the crazy crowds and picked up not only the rest of my presents but my mans as well. I know good girlfriend points galore for me. I have to say I now feel majorly festive. Despite people shoving and long queues in sweltering stores, all the twinkly lights just have that effect on me.  Continue reading “Those Christmas lights, Light up the Street”

I Like Not Knowing

You know I’m a total sucker for a band from my hometown, well these guys aren’t quite from Glasgow but Kilmarnock is pretty close. I heard a track from them last week and I’ve been listening to their abum. I Am and Island, all weekend. Your quintessential rock/indie four peice with two guiatrists, a bassest and a drummer. They create wonderful anthemnic tunes which are just begging to be … Continue reading I Like Not Knowing