I’m Totally Addicted To



Stripes. Completely and utterly, with blue and white being a particular problem right now. I’m currently at four blue and white striped shirts and have banned myself from buying anymore. It’s tough when your drawn to every stripey fabric you come across in stores, online, on Instagram. 
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DIY Delicate Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

How cute are these, even if I do say so myself? I’ve seen simlar little bracelets  a few places. You know me though, why spend money on something I can make myself. What you need: Leather Cord – eBay  Rounded Metal Beads – eBay Curved Tube Beads – eBay  Scissors  This tutorial hardly seems worthwhile, if my five year old neice can make these so … Continue reading DIY Delicate Beaded Bracelet Tutorial