Coffee and TV

It’s getting to that time of year when the best way to spend a day is curling up in front of the TV with coffee, or tea in my case. If you have to venture out on a weekend though, I recommend layers. My tip is to invest in some thermal ones. Layer one under your shirt and you can rock all those cute Pinterest … Continue reading Coffee and TV


Iris Gold now based in London was born in the UK but raised in Freetown Christiana commune in Copenhagen. With childhood influences of 60’s hippy sounds, 70’s psychedelia and hand me down hip- hop LP’s her sound was destined to be ecletic cool. And cool it is. It’s a perfect laid back summer tune. It conjures pictures of teenagers hanging out on sunny city streets, … Continue reading Goldmine

Hand in Hand through their Parklife

What to do on a sunny bank holiday Monday? Head to the park of course, the gorgeous Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow’s West End. It’s been getting a lot of attention of late, what with the Commonwealth Games lawn bowls being held there and the newly renovated Band Stand being a Festival 2014 venue. It’s also the perfect location for an inner city picnic and dog … Continue reading Hand in Hand through their Parklife