Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 

Is it still Wednesday? This has been a long trying day it almost seems like this morning was yesterday. All the more reason to share so pretty nails and forget about the stress that is the day job. And how can a post some wed-nails-day on a Thursday? I’m not sure if it’s still in style to match your nails to your outfit, everything supposed … Continue reading Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday¬†

It’s My Birthday, It’s My Birthday

Yip tomorrow I turn the big 3 – 0! I know scary thought! Now believe me when I say having a birthday on NYE is pretty rubbish. Even more so in Scotland as we have big celebrations for Hogmany. I know what your thinking that should be great right? Wrong. I’ve never had a proper party because of the stupid date and in general everyone … Continue reading It’s My Birthday, It’s My Birthday