Am I Right Ladies


On Thursday night me and my sis trotted along to Oran Mor on a rainy summer Glasgow evening to see Ms Omielan. Yip Glasgow where you can wear a crop top but need an umbrella. If you’ve not heard of Luisa Omielan she’s a kick ass female comic I discovered via my sis and on You Tube. When your first tour is called, What Would Beyoncé Do, you’re going to get my attention. 

Her current tour is Am I Right Ladies, and yes she is. Purely and simply this lady talks sense. With some brutally honest life stories, I accept there may be element of artistic licence, you can seriously relate to Luisa Omielan. You may not have experienced everything but I’ll bet my bottom dollar if you haven’t one of your besties has. When I wasn’t shoulder shuffling to the awesome show soundtrack I was nodding along, agreeing with every word. Oh and did I mention she was damn hilarious too? 

In what is still a male dominated world it’s a breath of fresh air to find someone like Luisa Omielan. Who couldn’t love someone that urges you quite simply to love yourself, and makes you laugh out loud while doing it. In true girl power mode she’s not even waiting for someone to sign her up and make her famous, she’s crowding funding to raise funds to film this tour. 

And let’s not forget the most important bit, the end of the night selfie! Love her! 




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