Coming Home

Oh Mr Bridges what can I say, that voice it just makes me melt. I had intended to share this track a few weeks ago when I saw him on Jools Holland and was lulled into sweet dreams after a stressful week. You know me though always was going to, never I have. He’s absolutely everywhere now so figured I best share this before I really am last to the party. 

As much as I love modern r’n’b you just can’t beat a bit of smooth sixties soul. I put this down to a childhood soundtrack of the likes Otis Redding and Sam Cooke, thanks mum. With the departing of Ms Winehouse there’s been a space in my iTunes for some new modern soul, Alabama Shakes Go someway to filling but I anticipate Leon Bridges’ debute album with fill that gap entirely. 

This track has already racked up over a million You Tube views. It’s like a long lost standard and I think that’s why I love it. There’s no attempt to bring the sound up to date with fancy production or editing. It’s an old fashioned love song and there’s not enough of those around now. 

The album Coming Home is downloading as we speak, will save me from a depressing Monday afternoon in the office. 

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