You and I Alone

Bank Holidays are all about having a break and a little fun and if you seen my facebook this morning long lies. There’s retro movies on TV, Splash anyone? And Radio 1 are rocking One Hit Wonders all day. So when I came across this new Daphne and Celeste song last week I figured it was perfect. 

For those of you too young to remember this pop duo sensation, try You Tubing U.G.L.Y. This poor pair were bottled off Stage at Leeds festival in 2000 before it was cool to have pop acts at a festivals. 

Somehow though this little track isn’t half bad, probably entirely due to the influence of Max Tunder who produced it. I’ve also found beat I may love more than hand claps and finger clicks, footsteps. Go on, I dare you not to tap your toes.

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